GirlTECH San Diego:
Teaching girls coding skills to change their world

GirlTECH San Diego encourages and educates young women to learn and apply technology skills. These skills will provide young women with the ability to lead and improve the tech-enabled society that will shape their future.

GirlTECH San Diego is a non-profit collaborative community organization established in 2014. Initially GirlTECH partners will provide afterschool computing clubs for secondary school girls in educational community settings.

Why do we need GirlTECH in San Diego? – THE PROBLEM

  • Software jobs outnumber qualified applicants 3-to-1. The gap is 1 million jobs over 10 years- and these are some of the highest paying jobs.
  • 90% of high schools in the U.S. do not teach computer science. In many other countries, it’s required.
  • San Diego faces shortage of 4,000+ software experts (San Diego Software Industry Council -2011)
  • Women hold less than 25% of STEM jobs
  • Only 19% of students enrolled in Advanced Placement Computer Science were female.

What exactly is GirlTECH San Diego? – A SOLUTION

From a social and peer perspective, young women who may have an interest in computing don’t necessarily pursue that interest for skill development because it’s either not available at their school or out of fear of being labeled a “geek.” It’s time to make coding cool! GirlTECH San Diego creates places for young women with an interest in computing to be empowered by that interest, and to share that interest with peers in a social, collaborative, positive, and directed learning environment. Women leaders will serve as role models and instructors. And, by creating a club atmosphere with a sense of joining and belonging, young women will feel comfortable, challenged and inspired to discover the depth of their interest by learning to code. (Though young men with computing interests will not be turned away, the marketing focus and program activities will be aimed at young women in answer to the statistics cited above.)

Value Proposition for Key Stakeholders

  1. Undergraduate University Computer Science Students – Opportunity to teach and inspire others; a resume booster
  2. High School Girls – Upon reaching a certain level of computing skills, students will have an opportunity to apply for paid positions as summer camp instructors; resume booster, leadership skills, and confidence builder
  3. Middle School Girls – A club to which they can develop shared interests, friendship and a sense of purpose.
  4. Academic Institutions – GirlTECH San Diego will extend the institution’s teaching curriculum beyond the classroom and provide a safe, encouraging, non-judgmental and club-like outlet for students seeking more hands-on involvement.
  5. Employers – Future source of computer science employees
  6. Community Partners – GirlTECH San Diego serves as an important vehicle for partners to demonstrate to their members and constituents involvement in aligning industry needs and academic curriculum.
  7. Sponsors – Opportunity to be recognized for endorsing and supporting curriculum that will solve a recognized workforce need.