Welcome to GirlTECH San Diego

GirlTECH San Diego’s mission is to encourage young women to learn and apply computational thinking and coding skills.  

GirlTECH at USD with EYH!!

GirlTECH at USD with EYH!!

GirlTECH will work to:

– Provide scholarships and financial assistance to low income girls in middle schools and high school to participate in coding and computer science opportunities.

– Create more opportunities for young women to learn these skills by partnering with local universities, businesses and non-profits.

GirlTECH Highlights

CONGRATULATIONS! – GirlTECH Is Granted 501c3 Non-profit Classification
GirlTECH San Diego has been granted 501c3 non-profit status by the IRS!

We are delighted to report that the IRS has granted 501c3 non-profit status as a public charity to GirlTECH San Diego. This means GirlTECH donors can deduct contributions to GirlTECH under the IRS Section 170.

This important 501c3 designation allows GirlTECH to receive tax deductible gifts, donations, devises, bequests in support of the GirlTECH mission. We welcome and encourage individual and corporate contributions, as well as grants and bequests to support our mission as:

    • A fundraising organization for camp and club sponsorships that cover the cost of coding education for low-income girls
    • An advocate for coding classes for girls and source of information on courses available in San Diego County

GirlTECH San Diego Thanks Microsofteyh_usd_2014_3
Working with GirlTECH, Reggie Hutcherson and Sam Stokes of Microsoft generously spent two days in San Diego “turning on the light” for students in low-income neighborhoods with no-cost App-building and design workshops. The Microsoft team conducted four free half-day classes at The Elementary Institute of Science, Mission Valley Y Cymer Technology Lab and The Linda Vista Boys and Girls Club.   The classes featured Touch Develop by Microsoft, on the cloud and free, enabling students to continue to practice what they learned from home on a computer or on smart phones or tablets.

GirlTECH San Diego welcomes and thanks our new  partner Microsoft.

GirlTECH San Diego Thanks Cubic Transportation System 
Inspired by GirlTech’s mission, Cubic Transportation Systems’ Lean In group, hosted an “Introduce A Girl To Tech” event on February 16th.  Eleven girls ages 15-18 participated in hands on demos, testimonials, a company tour, and group discussions showcasing opportunities and diverse paths in the Tech Industry.

One of our favorite event quotes from the workshop – “That was pretty easy. I can be an engineer.”

 Video Spotlight

UCSD’s Dianna Cowen Presents a New Science Lesson: Physics Girl Explains Why the Universe is Flat
Cosmic inflation is a theory that was proposed in the 1980s by cosmologist Alan Guth to answer some of the most fundamental questions of the origins of our universe. It also solved the Horizon Problem and the Flatness Problem.
View the video: