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GirlTECH San Diego is a project dedicated to serving the needs of female computing talent in the community. We aim to inspire and encourage your further involvement in this rapidly progressing field.


Check on this site for workshop and event updates as well as news items specifically geared toward girls in computing! We hope to provide abundant opportunities for you to thrive and reach your full potential.

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GirlTECH Highlights

CONGRATULATIONS! – GirlTECH Is Granted 501c3 Non-profit Classification
GirlTECH San Diego has been granted 501c3 non-profit status by the IRS!
We are delighted to report that the IRS has granted 501c3 non-profit status as a public charity to GirlTECH San Diego. This means GirlTECH donors can deduct contributions to GirlTECH under the IRS Section 170.

This important 501c3 designation allows GirlTECH to receive tax deductible gifts, donations, devises, bequests in support of the GirlTECH mission. We welcome and encourage individual and corporate contributions, as well as grants and bequests to support our mission as:

    • A fundraising organization for camp and club sponsorships that cover the cost of coding education for low-income girls
    • An advocate for coding classes for girls and source of information on courses available in San Diego County

GirlTECH San Diego Thanks Microsoft
Working with GirlTECH, Reggie Hutcherson and Sam Stokes of Microsoft generously spent two days in San Diego “turning on the light” for students in low-income neighborhoods with no-cost App-building and design workshops. The Microsoft team conducted four free half-day classes at The Elementary Institute of Science, Mission Valley Y Cymer Technology Lab and The Linda Vista Boys and Girls Club.   The classes featured Touch Develop by Microsoft, on the cloud and free, enabling students to continue to practice what they learned from home on a computer or on smart phones or tablets.

GirlTECH San Diego welcomes and thanks our new  partner Microsoft.

News Highlights

Webucator Announces High School STEM Program
Online courses offered free of charge to high school students.
Technology is progressing at lightning speeds; from the phone in your pocket to the tools building our automobiles. As a technology professional, I can attest to the importance of learning and acquiring technical skills and knowledge. Today, more than ever before, organizations and companies around the globe are seeking intelligent and highly competent technology professionals. Technology is, and will continue to be, a driving factor in the success of our business and our economy. Webucator has developed a wide selection of self-paced technology courses, including courses on web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.), Microsoft Office, and more. Effective immediately we are giving these courses away to US high school students. To see a list of available courses and to register, please visit http://www.webucator.com/blog/2014/09/webucator-announces-new-student-stem-program/.

SDSC Summer High School Outreach Program Featured on Local News Segment 
This past Saturday, San Diego’s local news station, KFMB’s Innovate 8 program, highlighted the SDSC’s Research Experience for High School Students program. Featured were four of their 14 summer high school research projects.
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SDSC’s Outreach Program Highlighted in Local News Segment
SDSC’s StudentTECH program is featured on local San Diego news, which highlighted a college-level astronomy workshop for high school students. Entitled “Figuring Out the Universe”, this four-day workshop helped students to develop and explore their understanding of the universe by making observations and drawing their own conclusions. Much of the instructional philosophy and the curriculum is from the Astronomy by Sight module of Physics by Inquiry developed by the Physics Education Group at the University of Washington.
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SDSC’s First GirlTECH Summer Workshop- A Great Success
Programming Lego Mindstorm Robots using RobotC
The goal of this course was to provide a strong and creative foundation in computer science. This was a hands-on class with problem solving and algorithm development at its core. Topics included learning about program design, asynchronous event-driven programming, stepwise refinement, sequence, selection, iteration, using functions, and most importantly problem solving skills critical to become a successful computer programmer. The course took the students through the design, develop and implementation of their robots.

UCSD News Features the SDSC’s REHS Program
The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, this week started its fifth annual Research Experience for High School Students (REHS) summer program, where students join multidisciplinary research teams and staffers at the Center to gain experience across a wide array of computational research. Expanded to eight weeks, the REHS program continues through August 15. Internship hours typically range from 15 to 25 hours a week, and will be coordinated with SDSC Principal Investigators and other staffers who are serving as mentors in the program.
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Are You a Past XSEDE Scholar?
XSEDE would like past Scholars to join us in Atlanta for XSEDE14! To encourage your participation, XSEDE is willing to waive the registration fee for up to 25 previous Scholars! If you are interested, please email Juliet Katherine Stipeche at juliet.stipeche@rice.edu.