Welcome to UCSD’s GirlTECH Program

UCSD’s GirlTECH program, hosted by the San Diego Supercomputer Center, aims to encourage young women to learn and apply computational thinking and coding skills. 

GirlTECH will work to:

  • Provide scholarships and financial assistance to low income girls in middle schools and high school to participate in coding and computer science opportunities.
  • Create more opportunities for young women to learn these skills by partnering with local universities, businesses and non-profits.

Check on this site for workshop and event updates as well as news items specifically geared toward girls in computing! We hope to provide abundant opportunities for you to thrive and reach your full potential.

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Education News Highlights

Microsoft Announces the Release of Minecraft: Education Edition Beta
Microsoft has announced beta testing of Minecraft: Education Edition, which is the company’s education-focused suite for Minecraft that integrates tools for teachers and students to help  them use the game more effectively in the classroom. The education-centered offshoot of was first revealed in January of this year. This May, a closed beta of the game will involve more than 100 schools in 30 countries, reports Pradeep of MS Power User. By June, any school will be able to access the Education Edition for free as long as teachers have a fully updated operating system and an Office 365 Education account. Eventually, Microsoft plans to charge $5 per user each year.
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The U.S. Department of Education Issued Guidance on Funding STEM Education Opportunities
The U.S. Department of Education has issued guidance around leveraging federal funds for STEM education in an attempt to close the equity and opportunity gaps that persist for historically underserved students. A letter directed to states, school districts and schools offers examples of how federal funds can serve to support the development, implementation and expansion of STEM education and learning experiences to improve student achievement. The recommendations focus on improving student access to STEM learning experiences, as well as supporting educators in STEM disciplines. The letter also targets computer science education and mentions in a footnote that all references to STEM include computer science.
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Research Released by the Univeristy of Syndney found that Finger Tracing can Increase Student Performance in Math
Schoolkids who used finger tracing fared better with previously unseen geometry and algebra questions, new research has found. Studies involving 275 Sydney school children aged between nine and 13 found that tracing over elements of maths problems enhanced how they understood and solved problems in geometry and algebra. Tests revealed students who used their finger to trace over practice examples while simultaneously reading geometry or arithmetic material were able to complete tasks more quickly and correctly than those who did not use the same technique.”Our findings have a range of implications for teachers and students alike. They show maths learning by young students may be enhanced substantially with the simple addition of instructions to finger-trace elements of maths problems,” said Dr Paul Ginns, Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology and the research’s corresponding author.
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Ada’s Open Notebook

Download Issue 7 of Ada’s Open Notebook here.
Ada's Open Notebook 11-17-15